Breakthru The Official North American Queen Convention

In less than 50 days the largest and most recognized convention in North America dedicated to the band Queen will begin.

Don’t sit on the fence any longer and get registered NOW! This is your opportunity to rub elbows with those closet to Queen so don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t miss out on the brilliant tribute band Celebrating Queen. They are planning a full out assault of your musical senses and will definitely rock you!

For the first time at a North American Convention Peter `Phoebe’ Freestone will attend and do a presentation and question and answer session. Peter as you may know was Freddie’s assistant, oh the stories he will tell us! Peter has attended the UK convention many times as well as other gatherings. If you never could get over to the other side of the pond to witness and meet Peter then this is your chance to ask him all those questions you have been dying to ask. And that only happens at Breakthru July 16-18th 2010 in Detroit.

The ever graceful and fun Jacky Smith will be in Detroit. Holder of the keys to the Queendom world! Ok maybe not all of it, but who does everyone call when they need something or have a question? Jacky of course. This is your chance to meet her, ask her questions and so on.

Get yourself ready for rare videos, brutal trivia, all things “Flash” costume contest, charity raffle and auction, evening buffet, games, contests and fun.

So come join Queen fans from Europe, the UK, all points North and South of the US, and points East and West of Canada at Breakthru The Official North American Queen Convention July 16-18th 2010 Detroit Michigan.

Visit the website for full details


One Response to “Breakthru The Official North American Queen Convention”

  1. I am a wannabee fiddler musician. QUEEN is my all time favorite band, no one will ever touch them. Queen and Supertramp were way ahead of their time ! Can you help me? I worship, love and think Queen are the best band in the entire universe. There will never br another Freddie, So, if you Queen lovers are rockin, call me! Queen and Stevie Nick’s should get together and put on a concert to rock the world, young and old and by the way, call me when it happens!!!!
    Love, Cheri Lowe, from Penetang, Ont, Canada………xoxox

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