The Official 65th Birthday Video

Today 65 years ago a legend was send to earth to bring a little bit more light to this planet. Thank you so very much, Freddie Mercury, for your talent and energy. Freddie Mercury, the great singer, the great composer, the great entertainer. Freddie Mercury, lover of life, singer of songs still lives in our hearts. Forever!!!!! 

Happy Birthday Freddie wherevere you would ever be! We still love you very much down here, missing you much than ever. People still listening your music with the same high feelings and exitments.  You are the best singer ever been in this world … We love you so much, and we miss you … we miss your voice, your color and your flair. You are still here in so many ways. You will be forever loved!

I was born to love you

With every single beat of my heart

Happy Birthday Freddie

R.I.P. my dear!

And Katy Perry wishing Happy Birthday to Freddie for his 65th anniverssary


19 Responses to “The Official 65th Birthday Video”

  1. Happy Birthday! Your music and passion help and inspire. Hope you can see it somehow. I don’t have enough words to say “thank you” as strong as I feel…Love you :-*

  2. Happy Birthday Freddie!! May you have a wonderful and blessed day in Heaven. Love you and miss always. Don’t party too hard.

  3. Happy Birthday my love, i bet your rockin it wherever you are! my national holiday is for you today.

  4. 65 years ago, right now, in Stone Town, Zanzibar, the most beautiful baby was born. His name was Farrokh Bulsara, and he was going to become the best singer in the entire world, the brightest star in the music sky, the sweetest and most admirable man in the world, and the legend we all still love today. I wish you a very happy birthday, my dear. I’ll love you forever.

  5. I remember the day you died. I was six years old, sitting in the car with my father, and waiting for my mother to come out of the local flea market. The local radio station had just announced the news, and there was a silence in the car. Queen was our favourite band, and still is. My only regret was not having the opportunity to see you live on stage. I wish you a peaceful rest, and the thought of knowing you were loved by millions, long after leaving us behind. xoxo

  6. “I won’t be a rock star, I will be a legend”
    Your dream came true … 🙂
    Happy Birthday Freddie!
    You made such a difference in my life. Thank you!

  7. Dear Freddie, Happy 65th Birthday! You left a big void in this world when you left us way too soon but your music, your voice and charismatic performances shine light into our lives year after year after year and for that we are forever honoured and grateful. You deserve to be celebrated forever. Happy birthday, legend.

  8. Many happy returns to your immortal soul Freddie! Your legacy is a daily inspiration for millions, and I hope you inspire more and more people everyday God bless x

  9. Happy birthday Freddie! Gone too soon, but never forgotten.I wish you were here to have one of your awesome, over-the-top birthday bashes!

  10. Happy birthday mr Mercury. I bet you’re having one massive party where you are 🙂 You are dearly missed among us!

  11. Happy Birthday, dear Freddie! Still love you like there’s no tomorrow! You take my breath away! I listen to your voice and feel like a millionaire! You may be Mr. bad Guy to some, but to me you are the love of my life! You were truly made in heaven and I was born to love you!

  12. I’ve heard that if somebody send a message like this in virtual world could be received by our dearest one who passed away like you did. So … I am sure you WILL receive “somehow” all these messages. I hope you are glad seeing how many people loves you, admiring you, missing you, remeber you. Beacause you are so very S P E C I A L ! I hope you enjoyed the amazing Google Doodle made specially in your honour! 🙂 I am thinking about you a lot, in fact you are a part of my soul and are so many things that remind me dayly basis of things that you used to like, or things linked with you somehow and my thoughts run to you. So … for your 65-th Birthday I’m sending to you my deepest love, blessing to your soul, pure shining light and peace. And thanks for your gift! – your music and the other one … you know … the white one … I love it!

  13. You’re the greatest. Thank you for your gift to the world, and happy birthday!

  14. Freddie, I was two years old when the world lost you, but not a day goes by when I don’t think of you or listen to your music. I know you are planning a huge party up in Heaven, I’m hoping we can equal it down here. You really are a champion of the world and you managed to break free from us mortals, I know you still love us, And Freddie we will ALWAYS love you. Happy Birthday. God Save The Queen 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday Freddie!! Your star wil be bright forever! You are the BEST of the BEST!! Love you… Miss you!

  16. I celebrate you every single day of my life !You are are a legend ,you are the best pianist-composer-singer in the world..Thanks ! Happy B-day !

  17. Freddie…Happy 65th! You are forever missed and will live in our hearts forever. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life personally. Your music always makes me happy and keeps a smile on my face all day long. ❤

  18. My darling Freddie, for whom I have never known yet love all the same, I wish you the Happiest Most Marvelous 65th Birthday!!!! I’ve really only known you for about 3 months but it feels like a lifetime. You inspire me and countless others endlessly. I love you so much. Asia 🙂 XOXOXOXO

  19. I’m so blessed to have found you and your music and this fantastic blog site. Thank you!!!

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