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Freddie Mercury in Budapest

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Freddie Mercury doing “The Stripper”

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Freddie Mercury – The Untold Story

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This 2 hour special is absolutely excellent! It was created by the same people that made the ‘Magic Years’ series and the ‘Champions of the World’ video. There are interviews with his mom, sister, aunt, cousin, Brian May, Roger Taylor, Peter Freestone (his personal assistant), Mary Austin (love of his life and life long best friend), Jim Hutton (his last live in lover), a member of his 1st band The Hectics, several of his close friends.
Have the tissues ready, as you’re almost guaranteed to shed a tear at the end of it!

Just few other story tales

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Freddie Mercury’s backstage antics at the Wembley Stadium Live Aid concert are revealed by U2’s Bono, Status Quo and Midge Ure. When Bono Met Freddie Mercury At Live Aid, July 13th 1985

Montserrat Caballe talk about Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentino

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The Black and White birthday party

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These are the scenes from Freddie Mercurys 39th birthday party in Henderson nightclub in Munich in 1985. It had a black and white theme and you had to come dressed as your favorite person. Mercury, of course, came dressed as himself. The video material was later used in his songs Living On My Own video. The people talking in the background are Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher.